More Than Didactics

We hold weekly didactic learning every Wednesday throughout the year. We will cover the core content of Emergency Medicine during an 18-month rotation. Our Curriculum Committee, composed of faculty and resident representatives, is responsible for the development and management of our didactic curriculum.

The didactic training content will be covered through a variety of educational methods such as:


  • Lectures

  • Small Group Discussions

  • Case Conferences

  • Morbidity and Mortality

  • Grand Rounds

  • Journal Club

  • Simulation

  • Asynchronous learning modules



The Emergency Medicine Residency at Kendall Regional Medical Center is dedicated to providing a strong and comprehensive experience in ultrasound.  Under the expert guidance of Dr. Moises Moreno, our fellowship trained Ultrasound Director, and with the assistance of the ultrasound trained emergency medicine faculty, you will develop a strong foundation in ultrasound performance and image interpretation.  


Simulation is a focal point of training at our residency program.  Our affiliation with Broward Simulation Center gives us the privilege of the use of their state of the art simulation center.  Here we run monthly simulation conferences where we focus on high acuity, low frequency cases, the development of critical thinking, procedural skills, and team building. We also compete in an annual simwar with Aventura Hospital's Emergency Residency.  Our team was also honored with winning the FLAAEM Symposium by the Sea 2018 SImWar Championship!

Mass Casualty Simulation

We participate in an annual Mass Casualty Incident Training integrated with local EMS, fire and police response, as well as surgical, anesthesia and nursing cooperation for a fully realized, high-intensity simulation day. Last year's event was covered in the local news here: