Rotate with us!

To rotate at Kendall Regional Medical Center, please apply through Clinician Nexus:

  1. Go to

  2. Create an account

  3. Verify your email address

  4. Select your medical school upon setting up your account

  5. Search “Kendall Regional Medical Center”

  6. Select “Amy Tillou”

  7. Click “Connect”

  8. Upon logging in, search for KRMC and the month with which you hope to rotate.  For example, it will appear as KRMC (May), should you wish to rotate in the month of May.

  9. Under the section of rotation goals, copy and paste the below as this is the goal/objective of our clerkship:

    1. Identify the critical steps to stabilize an acutely ill or injured patient

    2. Know the differences between the Emergency Department, the office, and the inpatient setting

    3. Understand the unique educational aspects of Emergency Medicine and recognized the importance of the team concept in caring for a patient: paramedic, nurse, respiratory therapist, and physician working together for the patient’s benefit.

    4. Perform directed history and physical, develop a differential diagnosis, and propose management and treatment options for the most common chief complaints (abdominal pain, chest pain, headache, shortness of breath).

    5. Satisfactorily perform an oral presentation during morning report to emergency medicine residents and attending physicians.  

  10. Should you have difficulties email our Clerkship Director,  Brandon Stein, or our Program Coordinator, Iraida Matias.



Required information for Applications: 

  • Immunization Form

  • Photograph

  • COMLEX and/or USMLE Scores

  • CV or Resume

  • Transcripts

  • Background Check


For additional information or questions, please contact:

Chief Resident for Medical Student Education

Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Kendall Regional Medical Center


Brandon Stein MD

Clerkship Director

Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Kendall Regional Medical Center


Iraida Matias
Residency Program Coordinator

Department of Emergency Medicine

Kendall Regional Medical Center

11750 SW 40th Street | Miami, Florida 33175

Phone: 305-480-6602 | Fax: 305-485-2962 | Email: