Class of 2021

Dr. Richard Boccio
Ross University School of Medicine

I enjoy working out, cooking, playing sports, going to the beach and video games
Dr. Jennifer Eells
NOVA Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine

I enjoy going to the beach, paddle boarding, traveling, trying new restaurants, and relaxing at home with my Boston terrier
Dr. Boris Ryabtsev
State University of New York
Upstate Medical University

I enjoy playing guitar, jam sessions, songwriting, soccer, basketball, and swimming
Dr. Sara Zagroba
Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomed Sciences at the University Of Buffalo

I enjoy playing soccer, rowing, baking, painting with acrylics, and spending time at the beach
Dr. Anton Gomez
NOVA Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hobbies: weight lifting, sports, computer gaming, hanging out with my dogs
Favorite villain: Thanos
Dr. Kristina Drake
Medical University of South Carolina
College of Medicine

I enjoy dancing, reading science fiction and fantasy novels, traveling, trying new things, and general adventuring (including skydiving, scuba, kayaking, hiking, running... anything outside!
Dr. Nicholas Rosende

Cooking and mountain biking plus I love everything involving salt water: scuba, boating, fishing, beaches. I am interested in EMS
Dr. Anthony Peters
NOVA Southeastern University
College of Osteopathic Medicine

I enjoy outdoor activities, fitness, and traveling
Dr. Kelly Glazer
Florida Atlantic University
College of Medicine

I enjoy the outdoors, cooking, music, art, walking the dog, and spending time with friends and family
Dr. Ibrahim Hassan
Medical School: Northeast Ohio Medical University

I enjoy traveling, beach volleyball, exploring unique cuisine, and spending time with family
Dr. Joseph Clemons
Southern Illinois University
School of Medicine

I enjoy hiking, road trips, cooking, painting/drawing, going to concerts, and playing guitar
Dr. Matthew Mattioli
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Virginia

Most of my spare time is spent playing basketball or watching comedy, and I also enjoy soccer, traveling, cooking, going to concerts, and retro Nintendo
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 Class of 2022

Dr. Andrew Adams
St. George's University School of Medicine

In my free time I like to do anything involving the ocean, especially surfing and diving. I also enjoy running, cooking, and traveling.
Dr. Andrew Allen
University of Minnesota Twin Cities

From East LA and making my way around the country. I enjoy running/weightlifting with the end goal of being able to eat copious amounts of new foods.
Dr. Ma Lovely Batasin
William Carey University, College Of Osteopathic Medicine

I would love to travel the world with my pup Theo.
Dr. Caitlin Blackwell
I was raised in rural North Georgia and enjoy hikes, nature, drawing, chilling with friends and family, and the corniest of jokes.
Dr. Mani Hashemi
St. George's University School of Medicine

I'm passionate about bedside teaching, diversity & inclusion advocacy, as well as fitness for wellness.
In my free time I trade medical advice for tacos, and work on learning Spanish from Monday to domingo.
Dr. Nicolas Ellis
Medical University of South Carolina

I enjoy graphic design, baking, woodworking, cooking chinese food, and learning random skills
Dr. Sean Ellis
Touro University Nevada in Las Vegas

I’m originally from Southern Ca but I arrived in Miami via Las Vegas. I like going to the beach, fishing, live music of all flavors (except country, I hate country), international travel, and a good Netflix binge. My newest pleasures in life are Cuban coffees and making fun of Amar. Who’s dale?
Dr. Tyson Jackson
St. George's University School of Medicine

I’m from Utah and enjoy backpacking, canyoneering, hunting, wrestling, hanging out with friends. Most my time now is spent raising 2 beautiful daughters with the support of my lovely wife.
Dr. Glen Malaret Hernandez
University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

Outside of EM I enjoy trying new foods and experiences. I'm a big coffee fan always looking for new coffee shops around town. EM interests include ultrasound and sports medicine.
Dr. Amar Mittapalli
Ross School of Medicine

I came for the emergencies but stayed for the coladas.
Dr. Collin Smith
Thomas Jefferson University

Transplant from Upstate New York always in search of good restaurants to try and new places to travel.
Dr. Kelly Wright
St. George's University School of Medicine

Miami born and raised who enjoys taking Bar Method classes, binge watching tv, and trying new recipes
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 Class of 2023

Dr. Alexis Avellino
Dr. Nataly Blanco
Dr. Hernando Castillo
Dr. Leo Ferretti
Dr. Jack Finnegan
Dr. Carissa Ford
Dr. Victor Gonzalez Vazquez
Dr. Daniel Lopez
Dr. Sussana Oad
Dr. Raul Rodriguez
Dr. Jillian Stariha
Dr. Katherine Wietecha
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